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The Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management offers its international students far more than just an international qualification. It offers an educational and personal experience which should be among the most enjoyable and significant experiences of their life.

At ASTHM you will find staff and students who care about you and who take a real interest in both your academic success and personal welfare.

When you first arrive you will be given a special welcome so that you can quickly settle into your accommodation and gain a sense of belonging. Within the week prior to commencing your studies you will attend a general student orientation program where you will meet many other students and be introduced to the services of the School.

In addition to the general student orientation all international students are also invited to attend our extended International Student Orientation especially designed to assist international students with specific issues unique to the plights of those studying in a foreign country including; Australian culture and lifestyle, homestay and other accommodation types, transport and travel arrangements, communicating in English, studying in English, study support, student counselling services, competency based training and assessment and many more issues which frequently affect most international students.

By the time your studies begin you should feel at home within the School. You will also be better prepared to experience everything that ASTHM has to offer, as well as enjoy the new experience of living and studying in Australia.

The Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management

The hospitality industry is growing at a phenomenal rate as more and more people are able to experience international travel. All over the world, better equipped and more lavish hotels and resorts are attracting ever more willing travellers for business or pleasure. International hotels and resorts are already demanding highly trained professional staff. In the future, practical experience alone will not be enough to secure the best positions and internationally recognised qualifications are now being keenly sought after by key employers.

Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1989, the ASTHM is a nationally accredited private educational institution whose purpose is to provide the local and international hotel and tourism industries with the best trained and most highly motivated management professionals.

The ASTHM offers Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and University Degree courses based on the widely praised (and industry favoured) Swiss Hotel School training methods. Over the years ASTHM has fine-tuned its courses to meet the specific needs of Australia’s and Asia’s changing markets and is, unquestionably, one of Australia’s most respected and awarded centres for hospitality and tourism education.

At ASTHM, it is also believed that the correct attitude is fundamental to graduates success and the School goes to great lengths to instill the values of self discipline, respectful countenance and a positive attitude. To underline these values, it is insisted from the very first day that all students should dress as they normally would in actual employment. While this may seem somewhat overzealous, ASTHM firmly believes that discipline and attitude are the basis for a successful international career in hotel and tourism management. It is no exaggeration to suggest that these very qualities are the hallmarks of all ASTHM graduates.


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