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Who is Eligible to Join

You are eligible to become a member of the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management Alumni if you are a graduate from any one of our award courses or a graduate of the Southern Cross University awards offered in Perth or a current or former staff member.

Please visit this site regularly to keep your records up-to-date and to learn about upcoming events.

Want to be part of the Alumni?

If you are a an ex-student or graduate of the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management or one of our Graduates of the Southern Cross University Degree programs, we would like to have you joining our Alumni.

• If you have a Membership Number and Password, log-in through the Members’ Area
• If you don’t have a Membership Number and Password, but are eligible to join, you can request these by clicking on Membership and completing the form
• You can find fellow Alumni by searching the Members’ Directory (you must be logged in to do this)

Please email us a very short paragraph (150 - 200 words) in which you are invited to provide an overview of your experience as an student with ASTHM and possibly where this has led you in terms of employment or career opportunities. It may also be worthwhile considering supplying us with a current photograph of yourself in your workplace to accompany your article. Please note that in supplying us with a photograph you agree to us publishing the photograph for promotional purposes.

Alumni Networking Event

The inaugural SCU Alumni Networking event was held on Friday 14th July 2006 at the Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management’s Perth campus.

The evening started with a speech from the guest speaker Terence McVeigh, who mainly focussed on the importance of alumni association, networking and its advantages by referring to some of his own personal experiences. Some key SCU staff members who participated on behalf of SCU made a key difference in their professionalism and caring nature.
Past SCU graduates mingled nicely with the recent graduates on level 2 of ASTHM’s restaurant cum bar area, where the tables were set up as a restaurant for the occasion. It is expected that there will be many more events like this happening in Western Australia on behalf of SCU in the future.

Ravi and Mieke
Ravi Mehta, Geographe Bayview Hotel - Busselton (past graduate of ASTHM-SCU Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Resort Management)
and Mieke Witsel (SCU Program Coordinator for Perth Program)
Ros Derret, Mieke Witsel and Terence McVeigh with some of the SCU Graduates and key staff members.
SCU and ASTHM Staff
Group of ASTHM Students
Mieke Witsel, Ros Derret, Abhijit Ghosh, Melissa Hill (receipient of position in SCU Honours Program) and Sue Soh and Cherry Lee (past graduates of ASTHM-SCU Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Resort Management).

Corporate Traineeships and a graduates perspective...

Wei Li

Wei Li - Graduate
Bachelor of Business in Hotel & Catering Management

I recently went to Kuala Lumpur for the third and final stage of a job interview with the Hilton International. The Hilton’s Elevator Programme is the most advanced and prestigious management traineeship on offer. Unfortunately, I did not meet all the criteria of the programme. However, I strongly believe it is important to share my experience with fellow students who wish to pursue their careers in hotel management via a corporate traineeship path.

The Assessment Centre set up at Petaling Jaya Hilton in Kuala Lumpur aim to discover if the finalists have outstanding qualities to be selected onto this elite programme. The standards for entry are extremely high and candidates are tested over 24 hrs period. My experience at the assessment centre tells me that to successfully get through the assessment centre, one must prepare him/herself for that day. more

Past Graduates - Where are they now?

Matt Horne
Matt Horne
THe De Vere Grand, Brighton
Matt Horne here, just dropping a line to say hello. Have been residing in the UK for around 7 months now, done a lot of travelling around and I am off to Rome for a few days next week.

Currently working as Sous Chef for a 5 star hotel called The De Vere Grand in Brighton, made famous by the attempted bombing of Maggie Thatcher 20 years ago. Enjoying the experience and the different products, availability etc here in the UK.

Also enjoying the weather ha ha. Hope all is well at ASTHM and in Aus. Say hello to all, speak to you soon

Matt Horne


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